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Amazon Product Upload Services

Amazon Product Upload Services

If you are already selling products or planning to sell products on Amazon marketplace, then Switch2eCom can assist you to add, edit and manage your listings effectively. Our Amazon product upload specialists are proficient in creating item already listed as well as non-listed. We professionally control bulk upload excel spreadsheets and XML feeds to offer your shoppers handy and quality content.

By outsourcing Amazon product data entry or upload services to us, you can free-up your valuable resources from labor intensive and time consuming day-to-day tasks. On the other hand, you can allocate these precious resources on additional imperative roles of your business. We not only help you to minimize your expenses but also assist you to stay competitive on quality, price and delivery.

Following is a partial list of Amazon Product Upload and Amazon Product Listing related tasks, which we can perform expertly:

Search item - Prior to Adding

Our experienced catalog management teams search on Amazon for the item you want to sell, prior to adding it on your channel or account. If we found an exact match of item, we exploit its details otherwise add fresh product with the information available. In matching process, we carefully check for attributes like edition, format, color, size, fabric, etc.

Select or Describe Condition

We smartly select item condition and describe as much as we can about the item so that your buyers can get correct information before purchasing. The accurate product details on your Amazon store help you to minimize number of return orders.

Set Product Quantity & Price

To give you maximum profit, we can frequently check for ‘General Pricing Rules’ published by Amazon. It helps us to adjust your item pricing time to time after calculating Amazon fees and shipping rates. Alternatively, we simply put pricing and quantity provided or suggested by you for each product.

Choose a Shipping Method

Amazon product data entry experts at Switch2eCom cautiously select a shipping method for selling item from the options such as Domestic Standard, Domestic Expedited, Two-Day Domestic, One-Day Domestic, Standard International and Expedited International. On recommendation, we can also use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services for your account.

Set SKU, Brand and Manufacturer

We help you to create and assign Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) for your items on Amazon. Our support enables you to locate your item in inventory management system quickly even after it is SOLD. We also assign brand and manufacturer to your listings so that shoppers can choose correct product.

Quality Review 

Before confirming or adding item on Amazon, we check twice all fields entered to make sure everything is correct as we know some fields like ‘Condition’ cannot be changed after listing has been created. Once we are satisfied with the quality of all fields, we create or publish item under your account.

Key Highlights of Our Amazon Product Data Entry Services

Our skilled Amazon product upload teams can extract product information from assortment of sources and upload on your account accurately. Excluding above tasks, we do also perform following activities to enhance the quality of your items on Amazon marketplace:

  • Product Title Creation
  • Image Extraction, Cropping, Resizing, Editing
  • Outlining Significant Features / Attributes
  • Adding Clear and Concise Product Descriptions
  • Correct Product Categorization
  • Identifying and Inserting Search Terms
  • Amazon Bulk Listing
  • Uploading Products Using Secure Remote System
  • Data Entry in CSV files

We have extensive experience and knowledge in Amazon Seller Central product listing services and our qualified teams are proficient in listing items under appropriate categories or sub-categories. We strictly follow Amazon guidelines for each stage and segment. If you outsource Amazon product upload services to us, we can ensure you about high quality, total confidentiality, fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

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At Switch2eCom, we are proficient in uploading products on Amazon marketplace from an assortment of sources.

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