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Product Data Classification Services

The toughest task of product data management is product data classification. It is a challenging task because an online business sells an assortment of products on their eStore from different vendors and all vendors use dissimilar taxonomic codes and classification schemas for each product. Also, you found these codes and schemas are different based on country and manufacturer. Therefore, product data classification process requires proper attention and awareness.

We at Switch2eCom have specialists to perform on product data classification processes intelligently. Our teams have familiarity on virtually all widely used classification schemas including UNSPSC, UPC and eClass. The product data classification is a very time consuming task, but with our expert support you can classify your products data accurately and quickly. Our product upload team spends proper time with our clients to understand their product domain and schema, it not only helps us to classify products data correctly but also allow us to accelerate overall process of product uploading. We have capabilities to extract and organize unstructured data from rough sources.

Switch2eCom's eCommerce product data classification services include following advantages:

  • Data Classification Process Customization
  • Product Data Validation before Classifying
  • Robust Domain Specific Classification Taxonomies
  • Multi-standard Classification
  • Classifying Using Custom and Proprietary Standards
  • Product Data Classification Based on Brand, Mfgs' Identity
  • Classifying Product Data of Mix Taxonomies
  • Versatility to Classify Product Data Based on Any Taxonomy
  • Skills to Fill The Gaps, Where Necessary
  • Timely Deliveries and Affordable Prices

Our product data classification specialists can classify your product data as per the popular taxonomies such as UPC, UPN, UNSPSC, eClass, SIC, EGII, SMD, NAICS, JPPSG, ECRI, NDA, MESC, NIGP and others. We are adept in classifying product data utilizing custom and proprietary standards, also the product data classification team at Switch2eCom can customize the process of data categorization based on the product nature, source information and product domain.

By outsourcing product data classification services to us, you can classify large volume product data with effortlessness. Our professionals can handle mixed codes prudently without omitting any imperative detail of products. If you outsource product data classification to Switch2eCom, you do not need to provide us much guideline as our teams have comprehensive knowledge on a broad range of product domains. The ecommerce product data classification services provided by us are affordable for a small startup or an old and established eCommerce business. Get in touch today to improve your online store catalog in a well-mannered form.

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