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eBay Product Listing Services

We have highly skilled professionals for eBay product listing or data entry services, who can assist you to add / edit items on eBay marketplace without any hassle. Our eBay product upload specialists are proficient in creating items from eBay product inventory (using existing products) or product information provided by you in any format. Our proficiency in simple as well as customized eBay listings enables us to deliver you high quality results on each project.

At Switch2eCom, eBay product data entry experts can enter precisely item details into product upload spreadsheet template and back-end system of your eBay inventory. We can effectively use eBay listing tools or software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and Blackthorne to upload products on your eBay account. Also, we can help you to sell your items in different selling formats such as Fixed Price, Auction and Classified with Best Offer.

Following is a partial list of eBay Product Upload and eBay Product Listing related tasks, which we can perform expertly:

Search for Similar Items

To make qualified your item for ‘Value Box’, we search it on eBay product catalog before adding or uploading on your account. If we found a product similar to yours in eBay then we use its details and if not then we simply list item selecting option ‘continue listing without a product link’.

Choose a Category

We smartly select or assign product categories or sub-categories for your items. By assigning most relevant categories to your items, we help your potential shoppers to find your listings effortlessly. It also increases the chances of successful sales on your account.

Specify Item Condition

Our eBay product upload teams have extensive knowledge on item conditions, which is vary from category to category. We accurately describe your item’s condition so that buyers can get item they want and your can reduce number of return sales.

Select Listing Duration

We diligently select listing durations to avoid unnecessary fees on your account. Our teams study your guidelines thoroughly before putting a product on auction and selecting duration for it. To verify ‘fee subtotal’ correctness, we double check each listing.

Choose Payment Methods

The payment method is an important aspect for buyers as well as sellers because buyers always look for easy way of paying method and sellers always prefer getting payment right away. We choose best payment methods such as PayPal, Paymate, Merchant Credit Card, etc. recommended by you.

Specify Return Policy

As per your suggestions, our eBay listing experts can select return policy from ‘Returns Accepted’ or ‘Returns Not Accepted’. But we always advise our clients to go with a well defined return policy, as almost shoppers wish to buy items from a seller who offers return policies.

Listing Review 

Finally - after entering all product related information, we do in-depth quality check to ensure each field is accurate. This mandatory step of our process unable us to publish your item on eBay marketplace with highest level of accuracy and decent formatting.

Key Highlights of Our eBay Product Data Entry Services

By outsourcing eBay listing services to us, you can release yourself with all day-to-day irritating and time consuming activities. We have expertise in gathering product details from a variety of sources and uploading item information on eBay via CSV spreadsheet template or back-end database. To make your listings stand out in the competitive global market, we also perform following activities:

  • Creating Product Title and Description
  • Adding Item Specifics
  • Product Picture Editing, Resizing and Uploading
  • Specifying Postage Costs and Locations
  • Inserting Unique Identifiers (e.g. UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, MPNs)
  • Tracking Competitor Prices
  • Order Processing and Order Tracing
  • Product Upload on Remote System (with saved login and passwords)
  • Data Entry into CSV Spreadsheet Templates

We strictly follow eBay marketplace guidelines for item listing and carefully handle all sections to give your buyers user-friendly shopping experience. Our teams are quite familiar with different industry products such as sports goods, electronics items, baby products, furniture, fancy lights, apparel and accessories, etc. Outsource eBay product upload services to Switch2eCom and stay competitive in the online market by focusing other critical business responsibilities.

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