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10 Vital Aspects of eCommerce Product Detail Pages

First Impression is the last impression. Many owners spend their time on amendment their home pages, but did not give enough time to make elegant product pages. Product details pages play a very important part in all e-commerce stores.

It keeps a great impact on your product sales as customers always focus on product details before buying that item.

In this article we’ll focus on ten essential features of product detail pages. It gives you better idea of how to correctly use them to increase your sales and SEO traffic:

1. Product Page Title
The titles of product pages should be clear enough so that customer can easily envision the product just by reading the name.

2. Description
The description should define how the product can change customer life. Keep focus on benefits and features of the product. Don’t forget to tell about the fabric, size, options, material and other important details. Don’t use the description from the competitive sites, make your own unique description, but it should be simple enough to understand everyone very easily. Unique description can easily attract customers and improve SEO traffic, so when you write descriptions you must include keywords which help in search engines.

3. Images
High quality images situate great impact on customers. Images should be beautiful, in both large and small size, multiple angles with high resolution. A quality image increases ecommerce sales very easily as it helps to sell more products. It gives shoppers a better idea for the product and automatically encourages them to buy that product.

4. Videos
You can keep visitors on your site longer with the help of professionally develop videos. These videos help shoppers to understand details about the product very easily. It can also increase conversions and 64-85% more buyers to purchase that product. The product pages which contain videos are more possible to show on Google’s first page, so invest in professionally captured videos to improve conversions and boost your sales.

5. Meta Tags/URL
Meta Tags situate impressive effect on SEO listings and conversions. Descriptive URLs and Meta tags increase the SEO traffic.

6. Customers Review and Ratings
From the last many years, it has been increasing the value to add customer reviews and ratings on ecommerce product pages. 75% of customers like to purchase from the site that have reviews. Mostly customers focus on review and ratings of the product before take final decision to purchase that product.

7. Return Policy Information
As we know eCommerce is not new in market. People have been shopping online over a decade. But it is still important to reassure your customers before purchase. They would not like to purchase from your store, if they don’t trust on your store. So it is important to show the return policy on product detail pages. It will help to build customer’s trust on store.

8. Shipping Information
It has been become frequent to add banners and free shipping promotion on product detail pages. But now you can include additional shipping information like expected arrival dates, so that customer can get peace of mind that their order will arrive in time.

9. Live Chat to customers
It is the simplest way to improve conversion rate of your website. It is a great source to solve customer’s issues and objections, which help to improve your product quality and pages.

10. Related Products
Sometimes customers can’t make easily their mind to which product they should buy. By related products customer can find the product that would be better fit to their requirement.

If you don't have time and expertise to handle your product pages with all above aspects then you can outsource this activity to offshore ecommerce catalog management professionals.

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