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Tips to Upload Products Quicker in Magento Store

If you want to sell thousands of products online using Magento, then uploading products manually could be a time consuming method. There are some easy to use tools available that can help you to upload several thousand products quickly.

Magento provides effective tools for bulk product upload, retailers who wish to populate their store swiftly and accurately with large number of products can exploit these tools. The purpose of article is to give an overview on effective methods and we strongly recommend readers to see Magento user guide for detailed tutorials.

Here are some of the finest methods that can help you to upload bulk products quickly into Magento store:

Use Bulk Product Import Feature
Instead of adding products one by one on database backend system, you can use Magento bulk import feature. It enables you to import several hundred or even several thousand products easily using a CSV file. Although getting understanding on Magento bulk product upload file format is easy, you can simply export existing products into a CSV file and see formatting requirements. The layout could be different for simple and configurable products so you need to give proper attention to the details.

Upload Product Images in Bulk
To speed up product uploading process in Magento, you can upload product images in bulk using secured FTP access. Before uploading images you need to cross check them for correct naming convention, all product photos must be labeled appropriately based on products SKUs. By gazing product pages on your Magento store front-end, you can verify correctness of product images uploaded.

Add Categories & Attributes in Bulk
Creating categories and attributes before uploading products can enhance overall process of catalog management in Magento. If you have all the categories and attributes created already on your Magento database then you can assign appropriate category, sub-category and attributes to a product at the time of bulk product upload.

Keep File Size Smaller for Bulk Imports
If you keep product upload template file size smaller for Magento, it gives you many advantages such as it prevents potential time outs on server, avoid delays in successful upload and small files are always easy to manage. After uploading products in bulk on Magento, a quick checking is required to ensure everything is uploaded correctly. In this situation, if you have small file size divided into batches you can easily find issues and fix.

Update Existing Products in Bulk
Utilizing Magento’s bulk import feature, you can easily update existing products for changes available for the particular group of products. You need to simply create a CSV file with SKU field and field(s) which need to be updated. By importing this CSV file you can make bulk updates on Magento for existing products quickly. Check frontend to ensure your changes are implemented successfully on Magento store.

If you do not have time and expertise to manage your Magento store in a faster way then you can outsource magento product data entry services. Switch2eCom provides end-to-end solutions for Magento catalog management including new product upload, existing product update, bulk image upload, etc. By outsourcing Magento product upload you can save time, money and efforts allied with tedious content formatting in CSV spreadsheets.

Get in touch with us for hassle free bulk product upload services in Magento.

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